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VidMate Download

The Vidmate download is one of the famous applications in the world that provides movies, music, and other entertainment features to download for free. This is a most popular application for people who prefer to watch available famous movies and TV Series for free. The application has many other features such as you can download so many multimedia files including Android applications, allowing to watch live TV programs even without a proper internet connection and especially has the ability to process as a web browser. So at the moment, Vidmate download is a well famous video downloader and it becomes the leading video download application thanks to its specific and brand new downloading features.

VidMate Download Versions and Specifications

Vidmate is a most popular Android application available on the market. It has been downloaded on more than 60,00,000+ times all across the globe. You can imagine its popularity by looking these numbers. The application file is 7.6 MB which can easily get installed in a low storage space. It doesn’t require a specific large storage device. The V3.46 is the latest Vidmate download 2018 version available in the market to download.

Extra Details Of Vidmate

  1. How to use Vidmate
  2. Vidmate download iOS?
  3. Vidmate download iPhone?
  4. How to download movies with Vidmate?
  5. How to download Vidmate latest version?
  6. Vidmate apk download install old version
  7. Vidmate 2019
  8. Vidmate for Android Pie

Features of VidMate

1) Resume existing download:

Resume existing download video feature is another great deal in the Vidmate application. Sometimes you face low internet connectivity while downloading large size movies. This application enables you to resume the file later when you are again connected to the internet. The file will start download from where it stopped previously. You do not need to start over again. Your half downloaded file is saved in the application, and it remembers the status in the background. This saves times in downloading the large file. You can activate the download in the night, and when you wake up in the morning, you will have all your file downloaded on your mobile.

2) World Famous Music Download:

Looking for downloading your favourite and world famous music? The Vidmate has what you need. Now you can download lots of songs which belong to any part of the world through your phone or tablet using Vidmate Download application. So all you need to do is just type the name of the song in the search bar and then you will get a list of results for your search. Now you can select the file that you want to download and click the download button on the right-hand sidebar then the music file will be downloaded to your phone. Once downloaded, you can listen to your favourite song for free.

3) Free Android Games:

For game lovers, the application offers you free android game download through the Vidmate software. It allows you to download many free and premium games for free and play on your mobile phone.

4) Easy to Use Interface:

The application is designed by keeping the end users in mind. It is simple to use and provides easy access to all the smartphone devices. Once it downloaded on your phone, you can access all its features for free. No need to pay for anything. Vidmate developer has made sure that user experience should be rich and comfortable while using it.

5) Watch TV Series:

Have you missed your favorite TV series lately? Then get Vidmate download on your mobile. The Vidmate application has tons of the pre-installed TV Series which you can watch anytime. The application updates its data in real time. All the latest episode is immediately uploaded to the application once its telecast on the television. You will never miss your favorite television series once you get the app.

VidMate Download for Android

The Vidmate application is fully compatible with the Android OS. It runs perfectly on all latest Android Smartphone. Although, the installation process of this app is a little bit different from installing other kinds of Android applications. It means you have to download the apk file to your Android device through the official website of Vidmate Download. Apk file is a similar file to the software installation file that you are generally using for download on your computers. And you have to make sure that enabled the Unknown Resources under your device’s settings before you run the APK file on your device to allow the Android OS to accept it. Once it installed on your mobile, you can access all the features it provides.

VidMate APK Download

You can download Vidmate APK file by going to the official website of the Vidmate. The vidmate apk download file is available for free on the download page. Choose your device and download the file from the website. Once the apk file is downloaded, make the initial setting in the device and start installing it on your device. The application is very easy to install.

Vidmate Apps

Vidmate Apps is a well famous online video download app for its specific downloading features. Basically, this application can download any type of media files into your Android Smartphone and Tablets without any inconvenient. So you can download videos, movies, audio files, images, and Android applications with mobile games. And the other important thing is users can download thousands of videos, movies and other files without spending money. And the advanced technology on the Vidmate Apps will help you to download any file very quickly. Also, the app doesn’t restrict freedom of users. Therefore you can download anything that belongs to any category, language, and genres.

Vidmate Music

Vidmate Music downloading application is a very special mobile application to download lots of music and other files through the internet. If you have an Android Smartphone this is the best way to get your favorite songs and music videos into your device within a few seconds. Even though this is not just a music download app. Also, it can download other multimedia files as well. And most importantly, Vidmate Music won’t charge a single cent for your downloads through this app. So you can download thousands of songs, videos, movies, and other files into your phone or tablet using this app.

Vidmate Online

Vidmate Online video download application is one of the well famous and leading downloading apps for the Android OS running devices. It has an advanced technology to provide such a great downloading service for its users. So you can download so many things through this app without any limit. Therefore, download videos, movies, songs, and even mobile games and Android application is not just a difficult thing anymore. Most importantly you can download these all the things for completely free. Also, this Vidmate Online video download app has the ability to download any type of file so quickly without any problem.

Vidmate TV show

The Vidmate TV show is a great opportunity on the Vidmate Application. This will give you the facility to watch your favorite TV shows at any time. The special thing of this app and features is, it doesn’t require a high-speed internet connection to view those channels. Even 2 G connection is well enough to watch TV programs without any interruption. Also, Vidmate TV show will let you manage a TV channel library up to 200 channel from any part of the world. So you can build this library covering many categories including sports, movies, fitness, adventure, fashion, entertainment, health, cooking and such.

Vidmate Video

Vidmate Video is the leading online video download application for Android OS running devices. This app has the ability to download lots of videos from each different video formats up to High Definition quality. So this is a huge advantage for download so many videos from the most supporting video format for your devices. Also, Vidmate Video will allow you to download other multimedia files as well. So you can download mp3 songs, movies, images, Android application, and mobile games too. And free downloading is another very important thing on this app. Therefore you can download lots of videos and other files unlimitedly through the app.

Vidmate Download Guide

01. Go Google

vidmate download

02. Type

vidmate download

03. Go to first result

vidmate download

04. Click this button

vidmate download

05. Click this button

vidmate download

06. This is the download page

vidmate download

07. Scroll down

vidmate download

08. Download Vidmate

vidmate download

Advantages of Using the VidMate App

Here are some of the advantages of using Vidmate app.

Download For Android/APK File

Extra Details Of Vidmate

01. How to use Vidmate

Vidmate is very easy to use. All you need to do is to download Vidmate and install it on your Android device. Then you can open the app by clicking on the Vidmate icon. Then you can choose whatever you need to download there are movies, music, apps, videos, TVshows, and etc. you can use the search bar to find media by adding a keyword. As an example you can search “Rihanna diamonds download” and the app will show a result to download. You can simply choose the song and download it.

02. Vidmate download iOS?

This is a common question of Vidmate lovers who are using an iOS device. They are asking is there an iOS version available for Vidmate. But unfortunately, the vidmate is currently not supporting for iOS. It only supports Android. We hope the Vidmate iOS version may develop for iOS in the future.

03. Vidmate download iPhone?

We have the same story for Vidmate for iPhone as the Vidmate for iOS. We hope Vidmate will be available for iPhone in the future too.

04. How to download movies with Vidmate?

You can navigate Vidmate movies tab and download suggesting movies or you can use the search bar for finding movies which you require.

05. How to download Vidmate latest version?

Vidmate latest version is available on our download page. Visit Vidmate download page and find for Vidmate latest version on the download section.

06. Vidmate apk download install old version

We have provided links to download Vidmate old version too. You can navigate to the Vidmate download old versions page and find for version that you require.

07. Vidmate 2019

Vidmate 2019 version is available to download with this website. All you need to do is to go to the Vidmate download page and find Vidmate 2019 version on the download section.

08. Vidmate for Android Pie

Android Pie is the latest version of the Android OS. The Vidmate is available for install on Android pie OS. You can use our download links to download Vidmate Android Pie.

VidMate Download and Install on Android

Follow this Vidmate download procedure for android devices.

Setting > Security > Check the unknown source

The above setting allows your device to install the apk file on the Android OS. Once you made the settings, your Android device will be ready to install the new application.

Developer credits

Vidmate is designed and developed by Brijesh Khanal, who currently holds the ownership of the app. You can find original information from the official website ( of Vidmate developers. We only provide information on Vidmate and all the images, logos, trademarks, and downloadable files are the property of Vidmate owners