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Vidmate Old Version

Do you know you can still use Vidmate Old Version?

Vidmate Old Version is the previous version of the vidmate latest application. If you do not know about the vidmate application let us explain to you about it. Keep reading for more exciting information.

Vidmate application is the best entertainment application which was developed so far. If you wonder why the reason, it is because it has a huge amount of music, movies, tv series videos collection to enjoy. And most importantly all these are given just for free for unlimited usage for your lifetime. You do not need to pay anything to enjoy this application. furthermore, a huge collection of android games are available to download free and enjoy for all the game lovers. And also the developers keep on adding exciting features for the users too. Which is a huge advantage so that it will always get updated according to the technology changes in the world. And also you can use Vidmate Old Version without upgrading to the latest version. In this article, we will be explaining to you how to use the old version and enjoy the best of it.

Vidmate Old Version

Summary specification about Vidmate Old Version

Vidmate Old Version vs New Version

Both Vidmate Old Version and the new version has a similar set of features. But the latest version has more bug fixes and included high tech to support the latest Android devices which were released in 2018. This latest version might not support old android devices which were released before 2015. In that case, the most compatible version is the emphasized text.

And also because of the updates, the new version has become few MBs extra than the old version. But it does not make your device slower.. But most importantly whether old or new both versions access the same database. Which you will not lose any movie or tv series or song etc.

Amazing features of Vidmate Old Version

There are so many exciting features for you to explore in this Vidmate Old Version. Let us go through them in details.

Vidmate Old Version Interface: This is most of the users are comfortable with. It has a more appealing color combination which you can use for a long time. And also the user experience is at a high level. It has a very unique look too.

01. One click downloading

Now you do not need to waste time for searching downloadable links for music, songs, movies and tv series. Everything is available in this amazing application. You only need to search what you need and then click download. It is just easy!

02. Notifications with Updates

Not you can receive notifications about your favorite channel or tv series episode. You will never miss again. And also you can easily get the update for the latest compatible Vidmate Old Version to your device. As a push notification. And you will have full control over notification handling too.

03. Resuming and pausing downloads

If you feel like your internet speed is low you can pause the download and resume it whenever you need. You do not need to start over again. The status will be saved locally and you can continue it where it stopped.

04. Gaming for everyone

Vidmate Old Version has a larger scale going experience because it offers you free android games to download to your pc and enjoy as much as you need. Also, you can experience premium features on selected games for free too.

Using Vidmate Old Version

To use the Vidmate old version you need to select downloading old version and select the old version as your need. You can see the compatibility with your device in the specification. Then you can install it and experience it accordingly.

If you are worried that Vidmate will not support your device. Now it's time to use the Vidmate Old Version and experience the amazing application right now!

Download Vidmate Old Versions

Version 1 (1st release)

Vidmate Version 1 (last update)

Version 2.06 (first release)

Version 2.51

Vidmate Version 3 (last update)

Developer credits

Vidmate is designed and developed by Brijesh Khanal, who currently holds the ownership of the app. You can find original information from the official website ( of Vidmate developers. We only provide information on Vidmate and all the images, logos, trademarks, and downloadable files are the property of Vidmate owners